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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Master Bath Mural!!!!

Hi everyone!
Over the Labor Day holiday weekend, I was able to work on my master bath mural and it is 98% finished! I have a few more details to add (and some background painting to do in our little alcove) BUT I wanted to get it on the blog to get your comments on what I have done so far! I used the DVD on Rufus Porter murals from MB Historic Decor to give me some pointers on the background and I then free hand painted most of the details from their list of stencils! I must say I do love my American clipper ship that I painted! I started with a light blue background for the entire mural. I was then going to make most of the mural rolling hills and fields, BUT after painting over it several times - I decided that I liked the areas where I had added water to the mural and suddenly it became an old New England town on the water! I still have to add some little details to the lighthouse and the town; like a pier, people, more animals and who knows what else! BUT I wanted to get it on the blog so I could say that I was almost finished! It can become additive!
I started out with a pastoral scene that included an island and sheep! I then added some boats to the water (river?) that included a steam boat!
Over this part of the wall, I have added a shelf to hold our towels, etc. The box on the wall (an old box we cut down, holds our other bathroom stuff.
The town area was really fun to do with all of the boats and ships in the water! I was going to buy the stencils to do the details but decided to try to free hand them instead! On the small wall beside the mirror, I put a small snug harbor for the sailboats with a nice marshy area near it (see the cattails!). Several years ago, as a student, I worked for a professor one summer slogging through wetlands to help him in his wetland delineation research and I have loved marshes since that time and I wanted to make sure to add a wetland somewhere in the mural.
I also got a little crazy and added a whale right in front of a clipper ship way back in the distance near the lighthouse! I am having a great time adding details and making up a little story about the 'town' as I work on the mural. I want to add some riders on their horses and my son tells me I have to add a little dog somewhere to represent our Maya! So, I have some more work to do! If you have an area that you just don't know what to do to decorate it - add a mural - it's not hard! I am definitely not an artist and I could do it! Take a look at my picturetrail website where I have also posted pictures of the mural - they are larger on the website!


  1. Wow, Susan!! That looks AMAZING!! You must be very proud of yourself! It's absolutely beautiful!! You are so talented! I love the whale!!

    Enjoy your day!!

  2. Very nice Susan! Wha a fun bathroom!

    I painted a mural on a wall in my old school many years ago. It was a lot of fun adding special touches of the town where the school was located.

  3. Thanks for the great comments! Yes, it was a lot of fun to do but it really can be addicting! If you go to my picturetrail site, you can see much bigger pictures and more detail!

  4. Well I have to disagree with you,, You ARE definately an artist!
    I just love that you chose not to use stencils and to go with your own form and style. It turned out amazing and you should be very proud!!! FUN FUN, I may just give it a whirl too!

  5. Beautiful..... I to did a mural in one of my bathrooms......It's a work in progress.
    Visit me at Painting Thyme Needfuls