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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween is just around the corner!

Well. here we are in Salem, Massachusetts for the Haunted Happenings that they have every October! We are staying at the Hawthorne Hotel on Washington Square in the heart of Salem. We have parked the car and won't move until we leave tomorrow afternoon! There is something here for everyone and we are planning to hit the historic sites today and will be going to a reading of 'scary' stories tonight at the Witch House. The Witch House is the home of one of the judges during the Witch Trials back in 1692. The home dates from 1675 and is a wonderful example of early Puritan life. I will have pictures of the house this evening when I update the blog. We always stay at the Hawthorne and have already made reservations for next year! You basically have to make reservations a year in advance to get a room at this wonderful historic hotel. Standing out in front of the Hawthorne and looking to your right - you can see the Salem Witch Museum just down the street. We got here yesterday morning and spent the day walking the streets in the wonderful brisk weather! I wanted to have some of the great clam chowder that I have every time we go to Salem, but it was closed!!! so, we went to Murphy's Pub and had some great toasties (like a grilled cheese) and some Guinness on tap! The Guinness was a little too cold but good all the same.
The Essex Street Mall is just down the street from the Hawthorne and there is another great place to have breakfast that is housed in an early tavern and it's called Red's. There is always a line out the door in the morning - but it is worth it! October is a great time to visit Massachusetts and Salem in particular. The leaves are changing and the air is crisp. While we are up here enjoying the fall weather - the guys are back home continuing to work on the 'Nightmare Forest' and are having to curtail their outdoor set up during the rain forecast for today. They still have work to do in the garage so they are continuing to paint and set up the maze-like system that will lead people through the scariest part of the 'Forest'. We have also been set the task to stop in Worcester (pronounced: Wooster), Mass. at a huge Halloween store! We have the address and will be stopping there tomorrow!

As you can see they are hard at work on their production and are actually starting the rehearsals this weekend. We are on our way out into the rain today (!) and still plan to have a great time! More later this evening! Happy Halloween y'all!!!


  1. Sounds like fun!! Enjoy your trip...I just love this time of year, I can imagine it is just beautiful further up north :)

  2. We visited Salem last July. What a great place with lots to do! We ate at Red's Diner every morning. We got there right when they opened and were able to be seated right away. Their pancakes are HUGE!!!
    Enjoy the rest of your visit!


  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! The foliage must be beautiful up there! Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    Prim Blessings,