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This blog is now devoted to gardening with native plants with a focus on those species native to the east coast of the United States. With an MS in Agricultural Science from the University of Delaware and my love of native plants, I hope to help folks see the beauty and necessity of using native plants in your garden instead of exotic plants. Did you know that our native song birds and native insects are disappearing as our local environments continue to change?
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bits and Pieces!

Here are the bits and pieces that I promised yesterday!! BUT! I first have to show you what I found for MYSELF! That's the most fun! I was at a great shop yesterday and found this wonderful seed winnower - the shop owner wasn't sure what it was but she thought it was a great piece and so do I! The mechanical mechanism is missing but the best part is still there! This is probably an Amish piece because of the beauty of the design and the color of the wood. Red - of course! - and its size is perfect for my kitchen. Whoever made this, way back when, would think I was crazy to put this in the kitchen but just look at the workmanship even in something that was destined for the barn! It's hard to see, but under that large keg is the original screen where the chaff would be 'winnowed' through and into a waiting barrel; the seeds could then be stored for next year's planting. The whole machine would shake and move to send the chaff down through the screen - yet it is in great shape and will probably last another hundred years or so! My favorite parts are the large round pieces on the sides - a great piece of folk art!
I also got myself a beautiful old slant top desk that is HUGE! My hubby and I walked into this little old antique mall and there it was, sitting under a lot of stuff right in the front of the booth. I almost died when I saw the price and had to have it, even though we will have to move more stuff around in the living room! I can't tell you the price BUT I'll just say that it cost about a quarter of what I would have been willing to pay for it and probably about a tenth of the price in an 'upscale' shop!!! It is not dovetailed and I figure it was used in a store or warehouse or something like that but it is all original with great color and a clean interior! LOVE IT! Here are a few more pics of it and then on to the November Update bits and pieces. Now, when I say 'bits and pieces' it IS bits and pieces! Just enough to wet your appetite but not enough to give it all away. I am just going to upload a lot of pictures and just throw them on the blog in a random fashion! There is one picture with a lot of handmade lace from the Delaware area. There are some great pieces of lace in there and they will all be in the update! The rest of the items are all old - except one! - and one great find even has its original zinc liner! Most of the items have great old color - red of course! - and I even found more stuff - vintage Christmas decorations and santas - so save your money and keep watching your email for my update password email that I will send out the day before the sale! I am headed out again later this week for a huge open house, tag sale and yard sale shopping trip where - I promise - to concentrate on YOU not me when I buy this time! LOL! One more thing - since I have bought some 'new' things some of the things I already have will have to go - in the update!!! I will again open the update early to those on the email list - so get your address to me ASAP at SO NOW - Look and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Can't wait for your sale! Your finds are wonderful! Love the seed thing. I will look great displayed and the slat desk!

  2. Hi Susan!-- I'm in Philly -- hope we can meet sometime! Love your home! Love that desk! (and the dog!!)

  3. Just beautiful old the desk so neat!