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Monday, February 8, 2010

It's Monday morning and we are preparing for more snow!!!!

Hi everyone!
Well, Maya and the rest of the family have been spending a lot of time in our favorite place - in front of the fire! With our great fireback, the heat just radiates out into the room! Hubby had just gotten home and was relaxing with Maya (you can see his gloves to the right and his leg in the pic). I have to sneak the camera out to take a picture of Maya - she knows what the camera looks like and will run out of the picture if she sees it!
Thanks to everyone who left comments about our BIG snow! Yes, hubby did get home on Sunday and is now back at work on his normal shift! The sun is out today and it makes the snow even more beautiful! We are now preparing for the next BIG snow - due here on Wednesday - and will be going out today to buy some more munchies and kitty litter (I use that instead of the rock salt). The last time we had this much snow was in 2002-2003 when we had about 30" and I had to go out to make a path for our dear old dog Tequila (the kids named her!) a great Doberman, German Shepherd, Pitbull mix, who was the best dog we ever had. She was old and couldn't jump through the snow drifts and wouldn't even consider using papers inside the house; so there I was, with hubby at work and son in the Air Force, digging her a path so she could go out and 'do her business'! She passed away at the great old age of 15 about 5 years ago and had a wonderful life, so we were sad but also happy that she was with us for so long. The kids are all out of school and I am sure will be heading out to go sledding today. I can see the birds checking out the berries on my winterberry bushes and then taking turns eating their fill. The viburnums have great berries too and they are also covered with hungry birds. Maya is out there now checking out the snow and getting ready to start jumping around! Actually, she is running right now as I type!
Thank goodness we live in a development where we get our streets plowed! We went out last night for a Super Bowl party at my sister's house (CONGRATS TO THE SAINTS!) and found out that the streets in our development are better than some of the roads on the 'outside'! I am definitely an Eagles (E-A-G-L-E-S!) fan, but I love New Orleans and hope this win brings them some good luck and brings that wonderful city together! We plan to go back to New Orleans some time in the next couple of years and look forward to seeing that great city once again!
Wednesday's snowstorm is supposed to dump another 12-18" on us so off to the library I will go tomorrow to get some more great books to read and maybe a movie or two! Stay tuned for more pics of our next BIG storm!


  1. Your winterberries look stunning against the white backdrop of snow. I like the names of Tequila and Maya.

  2. What a mammoth fireplace! Beautiful and authentic... as the objects in your header photo. I will have to go back and find your snow post. ;>)