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Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's Almost Here! The 2011 Philadelphia Flower Show!

Yes, it's true! The 2011 Philadelphia Flower Show is just around the corner and we are making our annual trek for the gold in March! Follow our progress as we march towards the March 6th opening of the Flower Show! More info to be posted today on our progress so far and what we hope to achieve! The theme of this year's flower show is 'Springtime in Paris' and the theme of the division that we are competing in is 'Joie de vivre' - the Joy of Living. So, our 'marching orders' for this competition was to concentrate on the joy of living when deciding on our story that we will tell in our display. I don't want to give too much away, just suffice to say that our 'joy of living' will be living in our retirement home, selling antiques, gardening and enjoying life. We started out with an idea of an historic two story colonial in the rolling hills of New Hampshire as our place and an early spring morning as our time of day. We used a spring morning to connect our display to the overall theme of 'Springtime in Paris'. We started out with this dollhouse kit from a miniatures company and decided early on that we didn't want the house to overpower the display SO...we ended up cutting the dollhouse down to a one story house that we will now make into an historic one story cape based on one that actually exists in Connecticut. It is the Elias Sprague House, built in 1821 and located in Coventry, Connecticut. We just moved our 'house' to New Hampshire! Here is the actual historic home and below is the beginning of our 'renovation' of our house. We have cut down the house kit and below you can see pictures of our progress so far. In these last two pictures you can see that I am starting to add the windows and the siding on the little cape. This coming week....finish the siding and windows, then paint, paint, paint!
Oh, and the last picture shows the fireplace in the kitchen, complete with its black cauldron and stack of firewood.
That's all for now! More on our progress later this coming week!

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  1. hi,,
    By defined your decorating style, It's no easy it's taken me a couple of years to define mine that sort of sums up my decorating style. I much prefer to surround myself with modern icons & sentimental treasures. It's all about the balance between old & new, classic & trendy, vintage & modern.