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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crazy time!

Hi everyone!
Another beautiful morning in July! I can't believe that it is July and the weather is so great! Cool and breezy and it is beginning to feel like fall already! Don't know what will happen in August but I am enjoying the moment!
It's 9am and I am waiting for the carpenter to get here to finish the bathroom tile! What I call our Big Renovation has been in the works for over a year! Last year we started planning for our own master bath - we have only been living in our house for 20 years!
Anyway, we started planning the project last year and were supposed to start work last summer right after we took the grandkids to Disney World (that is enough info for another posting!) BUT with the economy taking a nosedive and my husband's job getting crazy as his company went on a turnaround (we basically didn't see him for about 3 months)- we decided to save our money and wait until we had enough in cash to pay for the renovation.
We had a master walk-in closet that had been roughed out for a bathroom by the first owners. We figure that they wanted to save some money and do the bathroom themselves after they moved in and just had the builder rough in the plumbing, etc. so they could finish it but moved out before they did the work. So...we were pulling up some carpet in the "closet" one day to look about replacing it and saw some strange lumpy things under the padding. It was the roughed in plumbing! So, that started our quest for our own bathroom!
Ooops! The doorbell! I'll be back later with more!
I'm back! The carpenters are here working on the bathroom and I can't wait to get it finished!
To get started on the bathroom, we had to add closets to the master bedroom and I wanted the closets to look like they had always been there. It took several weeks this spring of moving the bed around, taping up the floor with masking tape and a lot of imagination(my poor hubby!). I had also decided that I wanted to keep the cost as low as possible so I only wanted to hire someone to do the framing and then we would do the rest of the finish work. I finally thought that I had found the best way to set up the closets SO we hired a carpenter and he framed in the closets! OMG! I walked into the bedroom after he had finished and almost cried! They looked so BIG! After I calmed down - my hubby, Bob (he is so calm and used to my ideas that look crazy at first) said for us to "sleep on it" and start again in the morning. He had taken the week as vacation time so we could get things done.
The next morning, we started.... and you can see the results! They turned out beautiful! I wanted a colonial look to match the painting (I call her "The Lady")that has always been in the bedroom - and actually was the inspiration for the bedroom colors - and I think we did a good job!
How we did it:
We first added drywall to the interior of the closets and then used outdoor plywood (I think it is called T-180?), that is used to cover sheds, on the exterior of the closets. One coat of primer and two coats of paint later and it looks like old paneling! The doors are sliding doors, painted with primer and then two coats of paint. We added contrasting molding and we had our closets! I love them! They no longer look too big but look like they belong in the room!
Then it was time to tackle the bathroom - the best part is that everything was already there, we just had to add the tile, toilet, bathtub and vanity. I am waiting to see the finished project before I decide on a wall color but I already know that I am going to paint a primitive mural on the walls - Well - that's all for now - time to check on the progress!


  1. Your closets look great! I can't wait to see the remodled bathroom!

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