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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Coming soon! Info on our first ever announced sale!

Good morning! As promised - here is the info on our first ever "announced" sale at Winterberry Farm Primitives (! A little over a month ago I opened an online shop at my picture trail site and it has been a lot of fun! Even as I was working towards my degrees in Agriculture (I am now working on my PhD. - yes, I am crazy!), I had it in the back of my mind to open either an antique shop or a book store.
Anyway! We are going to have an sale in August of all the items that we have been collecting in our travels this month. In the shop, we have everything from antiques to country items that can look good in a "primitive home" or what I call a High Country Primitive home. All the items that we sell are 'made in the USA' and I either know the crafter personally or I know of them through other crafters. Some items that we will have for sale are older, but not antiques - we have some things that were made back in the 1980's. Also, for the first time, we are having a door prize raffle - no purchase necessary - but we hope that you love our offerings so much that you just HAVE to buy something! The item being raffled is a Heatherly Hale Christmas watercolor and ink drawing from the 1980's. She was, and is, a fantastic artist! We picked up a few of her works - both originals and prints this month and are very excited about the opportunity to share them with our customers. Her watercolors are mounted in frames of her own design that are individually painted in colors and themes that relate to the picture. I have always loved her work and I have several of her prints and originals myself. I love the colors and subject matter in each one!
To enter the raffle, you MUST be on the Winterberry Farm Primitives update/mailing list - so send me your email and not only will you be added to the drawing BUT you will get updates and info on the shop sent to you whenever we post new items on the site. We also update our home pics and any news that we are excited about (there will be an announcement about some very exciting news in the near future!).
As you all are reading this blog, I will bet there is at least one (?) person who is asking themselves: 'What is High Country Primitive?" I probably should copyright the phrase as I have never heard it before! LOL! To me, High Country Primitive decorating is to decorate your home in an Early American style that includes antiques that are not overly formal. I like to find and buy antiques that someone would have used in their kitchen or buttery (away from the formal sections of the house)that are in original color or finish. I believe that to be "primitive" in design means that you want to showcase American furniture and accessories that are pleasing to the eye - whether they be new or old - but they don't have to be extremely primitive. Don't get me wrong! I love extremely primitive things but also love the clean lines and colors of the High Country look. For example, I consider my sliding door cupboard, that I show in the picture of the living room here on the blog, as a High Country Primitive antique.
It is definitely early, definitely hand-made, but it is also comfortable in any setting in your home. It would fit just as easily in my kitchen as in the more formal setting of the livingroom.

[I will add more pictures of my 'High Country Primitive" furniture, including a pie safe, grain bin, a wood box and an old bench that probably set on some farmer's porch.]
Back to the sale! I do tend to go off on those tangents! We will be sending out an email next week with the time and date of the sale. We will post the items on the site at the beginning of the sale and will take first come, first serve emails until the end of the sale. We will be online and answering any questions about the items and will mark an item sold if you pay instantly with Paypal. If you want to pay by check or MO then we will mark the item *sale pending* but be warned - if another buyer is willing to pay instantly - we will have to honor their offer. It is very easy to pay with paypal and we will send you an invoice immediately after receiving your email stating that you want to buy the item. I will post a few pics in the coming days of SOME of the items up for sale with prices but the time and day will be given to the email list first and will then be posted on the blog and the site immediately before the sale! Remember, Christmas is coming! and we will have some great stuff to give yourself! LOL!

My next blog will talk about weeds and how to get rid of them. Thanks to my new friend Suzanne who gave me the idea!

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