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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lots of great finds last weekend!

Well, last weekend was great fun! We went to several flea markets, yard sales and tag sales and found some great stuff! I went looking for things for the shop and found a few things that I may not be able to part with! Found this great old shelf in Morgantown, PA It was hanging at the back of a booth and I did a double take when I saw it! I brought it home and I'm not sure if it will ever leave this spot in my front foyer. I also found a great old store sign that I think looks great. The sign is handpainted and it looks even better in person! This is the type of old sign that I really like because it is more than just a name painted on a board. You can see the care that someone took to paint the little toys and the merry-go-round. It is on wood and does not weigh very much so it doesn't need to be mounted on a major nail or picture hanger. The background is a dark blue with what looks like a black band where the wording is located. It has a couple of ripples in it but it is a great piece of folk art.
I also found this old crock and a few old celluloid animals at a flea market close to home. I also bought some good Jersey tomatoes at the same flea market! We then went to New Jersey - just across the Delaware Memorial Bridge to buy some Jersey grown mums. We ended up with three adults, six huge mums and a bale of straw in a Caliber! It was great fun!
We also got a few surprised looks as we also stopped at some flea markets in NJ! Another great item that I got in Morgantown, PA was this great red box that is now

filled with grungy pumpkins and gourds from Susan Grant at Country Presence. They look great with the fall leaves and candlesticks.

On Sunday, it was my father (79) and brother's (48) birthdays! My brother was born on my father's birthday so we always have a BIG cake to celebrate. My family is very big and we all live here in Delaware so we are always getting together for parties. On this coming weekend we have four birthdays! My two nephews (19 and 6), my niece (19) and one of my granddaughters (14)! So, we are having another birthday party! Then there is my daughter's birthday on the 8th, Halloween, a brother-in-law's birthday, another family member's birthday, Thanksgiving, one of my grandsons' birthdays in December and then Christmas! AND then my hubby's birthday on December 27th! The whole birthday thing starts again in February with three birthdays....and so on! This picture shows my fabulous son on the left and one of my nephews waving at you. My brother and his wife are at the far right (the gray hair is from our Irish roots) along with some friends and other family members. We are at my sister's home and you can see why they think I'm strange with my 'primitive' home! Here's another picture of the party with my son now on your right, another brother (the one in the striped shirt), his wife, my brother-in-law and a friend of the family.

We are a very close family and are always calling or emailing each other almost every day. We all started out in West Virginia,moved to New Jersey when we were children and then the rest of the family followed me to Delaware when we moved here for my husband's job! We now all live within a 10 mile radius of each other. We lost our mother in 2003, but she is always with us whenever we get together. It was always her happiest times when we were all together. I am very lucky to have such a great family and to have them all this close! Next weekend - pumpkin pickin - I think! So there will be some more great pics to share! Happy Fall y'all!

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  1. I think that is so great that you are so close with your family...I wish that I was that close to my brother and sisters!
    I love your finds...I can see why you picked up that is awesome.
    And that crock...wonderful!
    Heck, let's be honest...I love it all!
    Have a great weekend!