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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Flower Show Week!!

This week is set up week at the Philly Flower Show and it has been just bit more crazy than other years! The 'normal' craziness has been more intense this year because of the snow and ice but once you get into the Pennsylvania Convention Center, it feels like spring! The Bobcats are running around and hoses are spread all over the place. Mulch and sod are flying and thousands of forced plants are waiting patiently to be put in place. This year the theme is 'Passport to the World' and the interpretations of this theme are as diverse as the groups who are displaying in the different categories. To the left is our plaque that hangs beside our display. Our names are covered so the judges don't know who they are judging, but all will be revealed to the public once the judging is over!
Our Miniature Setting display is in the category 'My Corner of the World - Outside' and here is a picture of the front of the display area. Our section is off to the right and you can see some of the exhibitors working on their displays on the left. We set up yesterday and had our plant list 'passed' by volunteers who are experts in plant identification. Once that is done, you are free to walk around, continue to work on your display, or go home. We chose to do a little more work and then go across the street to the Reading Terminal Market which was a location for part of a chase scene through the streets of Philadelphia in the first National Treasure movie! Delilah's Deli (where the female lead in the movie hid behind the counter) is there and serves great southern food! I was back up at the show this morning for a final check on our display before judging and I must say, there are some great displays this year! We have some stiff competition! Just kidding about the competition! We do it for the fun and the chance to see people we only see once a year!
Here are some pics of 'behind the scenes' at the Flower Show starting with a couple of pics of our display! Don't worry! There will be more pics tomorrow once the show is open!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I can't even imagine a show like this! Incredible! Thanks for posting about this!