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Monday, March 1, 2010

Think Spring!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, we did it!!!! We won the blue ribbon in our category in Miniature Settings! Queue the song: "Happy Days Are Here Again...... Can you hear the song? If you can't, just hum louder as you continue to read....

A close up of the judges' comments! Just lovely!

We have won the red and sometimes the yellow ribbon in this category but never the blue until now! We have won blue ribbons in other categories but this one, which is definitely out of my comfort zone, is one of the best! I am not a miniaturist by any means nor do I grow houseplants, so this is definitely an honor! Congrats to the other competitors (pics of those displays in the next posting!), you all did a wonderful job this year - it was such a thrill to be in competition with so many great people! We always enjoy seeing you each year!
Even a sponsoring bank (PNC) gets into the zaniness and has their own display! Everybody loves the show and we always have fun participating in this great event! We are all proud to be part of a tradition going back over 100 years and most of us are already planning our displays for next year! I was speaking with some other exhibitors (Hi guys! - you know who you are!) and we were discussing (actually Ron brought it up!) how many people volunteer to work this show. There are hundreds of people involved who give their time and money to be a part of the show so thousands from around the world can come and enjoy the beauty each year!
If you have never been to the show and you live in the tri-state area, come on over! If you live further away - what a great vacation at this time of year! If you just love flowers or spring OR are tired of the snow - come on over this week to see something that will blow your socks off! Enough writing! The rest of the post are pictures of the 2010 Philadelphia Flower Show's 'Passport to the World'!
Enjoy (remember you can click on the pictures to maximize your viewing pleasure!):

More of the competitive classes!

In this set of pics you will see an 'orchid tree' and a close up of the tree. The orchids were individually placed in a dormant tree to look like a tree in full flower!

This set of pics is what you see when you enter the show!

This set of pics was of a display completely set up in a bunch of huge marine shipping containers! Amazing!

Pics of entries picturing South Africa, Singapore, Europe and the United States!

A fantastic display! They definitely thought 'outside the box' and it is spectacular! Everything in white and lots of water and 'ice'! The draping material over the large backdrop is a parachute! FANTASTIC!

Every day the cut flower displays in the competitive classes need to be switched out or at least watered!

All of the flowers in this pic are cut flowers in HANGING glass vases that have colored water in the vase to match the flower color!


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  2. Congratulations on your blue ribbon win! I know you've worked so hard, and it's wonderful when others recognize your efforts!

  3. Congratulations. What an accomplishment! I'm going tomorrow afternoon - can't wait!